Broken Promise Keeper

Sometimes it just takes willpower to get through it. And it's always better the next day.


VERSE1: It’s always the darkest before the dawn
Or so I’m told
But if you can just keep holdin’ on, then
This waitin’ won’t seem so long

BUILD: Yeah, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout living forever
Just want to make it thru the night

CHORUS: Tomorrow in the light of a new day
(the sun will come up tomorrow)
Tomorrow not so far away
(the darkness will fade away)
Tomorrow we can start this all over
(daybreak in just a few hours)
If we can just make it thru the night
(if we can make it thru the night)

VERSE2: We’re in the calm just before the storm
So keep hangin’ on
Just count to ten, and then do it again, ‘cause
If you don’t you won’t see the morning



BRIDGE: At first, you say it’s just a myth and
This can’t happen to me
But it turns and bites the hand
And then it starts to feed

VERSE3: Well you’ve made it past the midnight hour
Not much more to go
I’m tellin’ you now to just stay strong
Promise me that you will wait one more hour