Better Than That.

Broken Promise Keeper

Pay attention or right out of the blue, something unexpected is going to smack you in the face.


VERSE1: We knew had a love that could last forever
Wound so tight that we could never sever
The ties that bind us eternally renewed

VERSE2: But now I just don’t know what it is you’re thinking
Are your fingers crossed, did I miss you winking
‘Cause you pulled the bedrock right out from under me

CHORUS: Come on now (5x)
You know better than that
(I know – you know – we know they know – that you know better than that

VERSE3: It didn’t take that long until the permanent thinking
Turns kinda black and always stinking
But we use the broom to sweep it right up under the rug



BRIDGE: Tell me what you want, I can fix it now
I’ll do anything, you just gotta tell me how