Sasquatch Love.

Broken Promise Keeper

You just never know when you're going to find that special someone... or something...


VERSE1: My walk in the woods
Didn’t turn out like I’d planned
I got a little lost and soon I was in a jam
It was cold and dark and something was chasing me
Big and bad and smelly as can be

BUILD1: When she stepped out behind a tree
I thought my time was up
But she was looking for love
‘Cause she can’t get enough

CHORUS: A girl that size has a great big heart
And a lot of love that she needs to share now
She may not look like the girl next door
She’s ten feet tall and covered in hair now
I don’t care ‘cause she’s my sasquatch love

VERSE2: She taught me things that I had never known
I soon realized I never wanted to go home

BUILD2: She’s a sex machine that’s always on
An addiction I can’t kick
The thought of leaving her, well that sort of makes me sick


BRIDGE: Here in her love cave, she rocks on…

BUILD3: I’ve found the bones of former loves
In a corner of her lair
But this just feels so good that I can’t really care