Get My Message.

Broken Promise Keeper

This is a cover of a great tune by the great band Shoes. I've always loved this song and just had to try my own take. Still not as cool as the original, but very fun!


VERSE1: Loosen up, you're so wound up
Settle down, take it day by day
You're fightin' me in every way

BUILD1: You've got to let go
You've got to believe
You're gonna give in
You'll kick and scratch to the end and then

CHORUS: You'll get my message
And I'll see your knees shake
And you'll feel my heart beat
You'll get my message
And come around to my way

VERSE2: Open up, soon you'll wise up
Read my lips, read between the lines
You'll get the picture if you try

BUILD2: You change with the wind
Jump at the drop of a pin
You're gonna give in
You're up, down, hot, cold you know you’re gonna


BRIDGE: You're so mixed up
Oh so choked up
So tongue-tied once again
But soon you'll see (2x)




Composed by Gary Klebe of Shoes
Gary: lead & backing vocals, electric guitars, bass
John: backing vocals, keyboard
Jeff: backing vocals, acoustic guitars

Click here to listen to the original by Shoes!