Listen To Lana.

Broken Promise Keeper

Sometimes there's just that one personality that equally rubs you the wrong way and really attracts you. What to do?


RIFF: Listen to Lana (better listen good)
Listen Lana (better listen good)

VERSE1: With eloquence and earnestness
Lana explains how you are wrong
She’s always convinced that she can make you see her side

CHORUS: Lana, Lana, Lana, can you just stop talking
Give someone else a chance
Lana, Lana, Lana, can you give it a break
Give someone else a chance

VERSE2: She’s politically correct and her grammar’s great
So Lana knows that makes her right
But she’s never seen a horse much less knows what they drink


BRIDGE: I don’t care what your support group says
Lana, just listen to your heart

VERSE3: Lana just can’t understand why she seems to
Make everyone so mad
But if we’d just let her finish, she knows we’d all understand