Snow Day.

Broken Promise Keeper

You have to take advantage of the little things that nature sends your way.


VERSE1: It’s the best when it’s the least expected
A holiday away from the cold and gray
So bright and pure under the morning sunshine
Three inches of snow means we stay home today

BUILD1: Unbroken choices lay before us
A white and clean page on which to write our name

CHORUS: From heaven – a snow day
It’s nature’s way of saying go out and play
We’ll stay home and –no school
Let’s get out there before it starts melting

VERSE2: For a while, we can be a snow angel
Pristine and fair under the winter sun
But when the snowballs start to flyin
Well all-out warfare has begun

BRIDGE: A gift from above on this Southern town
(It’s quiet and clean and oh so rare)
So say a prayer it keeps coming down

VERSE3: All your life, snow days are something to treasure
A random gift that you can’t control
Your schedule cleared by a clean white coat
Three inches of snow means you’re staying home