She's So Cool.

Broken Promise Keeper

Like the song says, "whoever would have thought a cold shoulder could feel so nice."


VERSE1: All the way from across the room, I knew
That girl’s cool
From the way she’s dressed to the things she says, you know –
That girls’ cool

BUILD1: But I get the feeling that she could get colder
And I’m afraid that she could freeze me out

CHORUS: She’s so cool, she’s so cool
I can’t believe how that warms me up
(she’s so cool to me… kinda warms me up )
She’s so cool, she’s so cool
She doesn’t care and that warms me up
(she’s so cool to me… kinda warms me up )

VERSE2: I’d always know her temperature, because
That girl’s cool
I’d adjust my thermostat for her
That girl’s cool

BUILD2: But I know if I let things get hot
She can turn me to ice with just a flick of her eyes


BRIDGE: So here, in her temperate zone,
I dance around the cracks in her thin ice floes… Dance!

VERSE3: Hot-blooded fools just can’t keep away from her
She’s just too cool
So their frozen corpses trail behind her ‘cause
She’s too cool

BUILD3: So I know how she can quickly turn colder
And I have to admit how that lights my fire