Broken Promise Keeper

Broken Promise Keeper. (2016)

OK, so it took BPK a bit longer than usual to complete his fifth album, the eponymous "Broken Promise Keeper" — don't worry, it's the same tasty mix of hooks, harmonies, and humor as before. Go ahead and check it out, BPK promises you will like it! Click here to stream the songs and read lyrics.


Poptimized. (2010)

"Poptimized" is the fourth album by BPK. Like the first three CDs, all the songs were written and performed by BPK. But also like the previous albums, he had a little help from friends who provided keyboards and guitar solos on a few tracks. He also had some professional help on the production, in terms of mixing and mastering. But overall it's pretty much a DIY affair right down to the artwork. Click here to stream the songs and read lyrics.

Ice Cold Pop

Ice Cold Pop. (2009)

This 12-song CD represents BPK's "break-through" album, or at least the first one somebody liked other than his mom. It was ranked #4 in a list of the year's top powerpop releases and garnered favorable reviews in a number of publications focusing on melodic rock. You can check out what the powerpop experts said about "Ice Cold Pop" by clicking here. Or you can just click here to start listening and reading lyrics.

Songs of Hypocrisy and Hippos
Avocado Age of Radio

The Avocado Age of Radio (2008)

Songs of Hypocrisy and Hippos (2007)

BPK's first two records may not be quite as polished in terms of production, but the songs are still pretty catchy and fun. You can stream "Avocado" by clicking here and listen to "Hypocrisy" if you click here.