Scarred For Life.


A quick and crunchy tune kicks off the proceedings. While everyone's got a different tolerance for pain, we all carry a few scars, don't we? Guitar solo courtesy of Mark Torstenson.


VERSE1: Do you know you’re kind of girl who
Looks so good that it hurts my eyes
But over the years, I’ve been wounded all over
‘Cause you’re a deadly weapon in disguise

CHORUS: Sticks and stones may break my bones
But what you say cuts like a knife
Your looks can kill and that’s a skill
So sharp I think I’m scarred for life

VERSE2: You look so good when you dish it out
That I gladly clean my armor plate
I tell myself that you don’t mean it
So go ahead and kiss me Kate


BRIDGE: I wear my purple heart upon my sleeve
‘Cause I know that you won’t leave
Any more than me

VERSE3: Do you think that this sounds crazy
Did you surgically remove my spine
Well you look so good that I think it’s worth it
And all my wounds will heal with time