Two-Minute Warning.


Tick, tick, tick. That clock seems to get louder with each passing day, and the days start chugging along as fast as this song. Time to make a move or game over, man. Bonus points for being under two minutes?


VERSE1: It seems like only yesterday
We had so many things to say
But here we sit and face the screen
It’s another night of the same routine

BUILD1: I’ve seen the future baby and I want what we had

CHORUS: Come on now baby let’s go
We’re running out of time
I think I heard the two-minute warning
And we’re near the end of the line

VERSE2: I feel a sense of impending doom
If we don’t get up and get out of this room
Let’s shake it up and get some air
At least pretend to show we care

BUILD2: Let’s get back in the game now baby, before the whistle blows


BRIDGE: I hear the clock running out
One last chance to make it count

VERSE3: Well it’s been real and it’s been fun
Or at least it was when we were young
Let’s get back to where we once belonged
And figure out where we went wrong

BUILD3: If these are the golden years let’s cash ‘em in