Analysis Paralysis.


When sombody's frozen with indecision, screaming 'make up your mind' may not help much. But it makes you feel like at least you're doing something, right?. Guitar solo courtesy of Mark Torstenson.


RIFF: Make up your mind

VERSE1: You know what most people do
They make a choice and then they move on
But you don’t see black or white
It’s all shades of gray and you can’t decide which one

BUILD: (your wheels are spinning round) You’re so confused
(your wheels are spinning round) What do you do

CHORUS: Do you spend your life together
Or pretend you never met her
Your future is depending on you
But your wheel’s are spinning, you gotta make up your mind


VERSE2: You don’t know where to turn
Too many channels to surf and they all look damn good
There’s plenty of fish in the sea
But you can’t catch ‘em if you can’t decide on bait



BRIDGE: You’ve done all your due diligence (a decision)
You know what it costs right down to the cent (a decision)
The pros and cons have all been weighed (a decision)
And now a decision must be made

VERSE3: You’d roll the dice if you could
But you won’t gamble on something this big
And now you’re out of time
Should you pull the trigger or should you flip the switch