Sad But True.


Another question about one's tolerance to pain — just how much will you put up with before you finally do something? Fear of change gets a powerchord workout and a sing-along chorus.


VERSE1: She rolls her eyes when he starts talking
He can’t believe he has to tell her again
She tunes him out and she turns on the TV
As he has to tell her how wrong she’s been

BUILD1: It’s just another day in paradise
Where no one’s wrong and both are right
The ties that bind are like a noose
But they’re both too scared to cut them loose

CHORUS: It's sad but true

VERSE2: She wonders just what she ever saw in him
He wishes that he could just walk away
She tells herself that it’s got to get better
He hopes that tomorrow is a better day

BUILD2: It’s just another day in paradise
Where you hope everything will turn out right
But unless you try to work for change
Chances are things will stay the same


BRIDGE: But the more that they hope that things will change
The more they stay the same

VERSE3: She says she stays with him just for the kids’ sake
If he’s pressed, he’d have to agree
She makes the best of a bad situation
He tries to ignore her while he watches TV