Some people like the unexpected. An acoustic number that builds up to a crunchy finish.


VERSE1: How I wish that I could tell you
Just why you make me feel this way
An iron will, a magnetic attraction
A force that leaves me a little afraid

BUILD1: Like a moth and a flame, I know I'll burn
But over and over I still return

CHORUS: I won't complain
I guess it explains
Why you always taste so bittersweet

VERSE2: Even when you’re full of sunshine
There’s a darkness where a tempest grows
Am I addicted to surprises
Never knowing where your wind might blow

BUILD2: As a magnet you attract but you also repel me
There’s something about you that just compels me


BRIDGE: If I tried to leave, I know we both would fade away
So we feed upon each other in a codependent buffet