Life On The Food Chain.


Strumming 12-strings point out that, somewhere out there, there's always a bigger and meaner badass.


VERSE1: I’ve been watching you
from not so far away
You can’t see me, you wouldn’t notice anyway
I move so slowly ‘til there’s nothing in my way
And when I’m ready, I’ll start to make my play

BUILD1: You don’t even know that you’re
Being hunted, you’re oblivious
But just as I’m about to pounce
You turn and run away

CHORUS1: Don’t look back or you’ll see me coming
I’m catching up, yeah I’m still running
I’m breathless with anticipation
I’ve enjoyed the chase but now it’s time for the kill

VERSE2: The way you’re leading me staying just far enough away
Makes me wonder if this chase is just for play
Am I really sure who’s being hunted down today
And when you stop and turn, it turns out I’m the prey

BUILD2: I didn’t even know that I was
Being hunted, I’m oblivious
But just as you’re about to pounce
I turn and run away

CHORUS2: I won’t look back or I’ll see you coming
You’re catching up, but I’m still running
You’re breathless with anticipation
You’ve enjoyed the chase but now it’s time for the kill

BRIDGE: Kill or be killed, that’s the question
I always thought that it was just an expression
So think of this as a natural selection, it’s you — or me

VERSE3: But then a shadow falls and we look up from the fray
There’s always a bigger link when you’re on the food chain

BUILD3: We didn’t even know that we were
Being hunted, we’re oblivious
But just as it’s about to pounce
We turn and run away

CHORUS3: Don’t look back or we’ll see it coming
It’s catching up, but we’re still running
We’re breathless with our desperation
We run for our lives but time’s running out