Ice Cold Pop

A three-chord guitar workout. Is it a political statement or about that time we got lost in the woods? You decide. Either way, it's about marching blindly along with no idea where you're going. We've all been there; that point when you wish somebody had a map.


VERSE1: Well I’m not sure, but I think we’re lost
We took too many turns while no one watched
And if we had a map, well it got tossed

BUILD1: I think that we’ve been going the wrong way
Don’t know who we need to blame
But it’s getting dark and it looks like rain, so

CHORUS: (Where do we go) Where do we go from here
(Where do we go) I think we need directions
(Where do we go) So where do we go from here

VERSE2: We were running blind, as fast as we could
We never looked back, although we knew we should
And now we’re lost and it don’t look good

BUILD2: So now we all just point and yell
When things have all gone straight to hell
And everything seemed to be going so well, so


BRIDGE: Change - new scenery sure would be nice
Change - but before we turn, let’s think twice
‘Cause when you take that fork in the road
It helps to know where you’re trying to go

VERSE3: You can take charge if you know the way
‘Cause it seems the last path kinda led us astray
And we’re on a dirt road instead of a freeway

BUILD3: I think that we’ve been going the wrong way
And we don’t need to try to assign any blame
‘Cause it’s getting cold and it looks like rain, so