Ice Cold Pop

Remember when your best friend suddenly would rather spend time with her rather than you? And he thought he was geing so cool about it, but everybody knew? 12-strings and harmonies help you reminisce.


VERSE1: We’ve been best friends
Since second grade now
Never thought it would end, but somehow
I’ve got a feeling that you have changed
‘Cause you’re acting a little strange

BUILD: Don’t say no, ‘cause you know that it’s true
Who’s that girl you’ve been talking to?

CHORUS: I know you’ve got a secret
Don’t you think your secret’s safe with me
I know you’ve got a secret
I think that you’re in love

VERSE2: There’s something different
Don’t try to hide it
I see your smile so don’t deny it
I know there’s something you’re not telling me
You’re in love, and it’s plain to see



BRIDGE: You’d think that after all this time
And all that we’ve been through
You could tell me that you like that girl

VERSE3: Well I wonder just what I’ll do now
Who I’ll walk home with after school now
I know our friendship doesn’t have to end
But I guess I have to get a girlfriend