Amusement Park Lover.

Ice Cold Pop

Some people like the ones that spin you around, others throw up. Spot the difference early to avoid messy situations. An organ riff straight from the midway kicks this off. A roller-coaster bass pushes it out of the park.


VERSE1: You’re just like an amusement park
You look your best just after dark
You’re a rollercoaster, an E-ticket ride
I felt like I’d won a midway prize

BUILD1: But you’re like a house of mirrors
And nothing is as it appears

CHORUS: Your love’s like a merry-go-round
We spin in circles going up and down
This carousel is just pure hell
So stop the ride ‘cause I want off

VERSE2: When we talk it’s like bumper cars
You’re a tilt-a-whirl ride that leaves scars
You jerk me around like the crazy mouse
The tunnel of love became the haunted house

BUILD2: Your matterhorn made me sick
And your pirate ship it did the trick


VERSE3: You like the rides that spin you ‘round
You don’t mind being upside down
Well I’m more happy in kiddie land
Your amusement park’s just not what I planned

BUILD3: Your scrambler got me all confused
I think I threw up all over my shoes