Ice Cold Pop

Cliches are easy, but it's harder than you'd think to string a bunch of them together so they make sense. This is a 12-bar country-rock shuffle-blues thing. Or is that a cliche? Guitar solo courtesy of Mark Torstenson.


VERSE1: Growing up, well I was told
To save for rainy days
‘Cause a penny saved is a penny earned
And that’s how I was raised
They said that life is not just fun and games
So don’t you jump for joy
You have to work all day, don’t play at night
And be a good old boy
Well I heard it time and time again
It’s early to bed and early to rise
Until one day I’d had enough then one day I got wise

BUILD: I’m gonna burn a candle
I’m gonna light it at both ends
I’m gonna run around in circles
With my no-good circle of friends
And if life’s a box of chocolates
Gonna eat ‘til I get sick
Gonna teach my old hound dog
To turn some brand new tricks
I don’t know but I’ve been told
Hope I die before I get old
Gonna play my hand and play all in
Until it’s time to fold

CHORUS: It’s better to burn out than fade away
So live it large, let’s live the cliché
‘Cause you only live once; but if you do it right, well
Once should be enough

VERSE2: My parents said son, don’t lie with dogs
You’ll only wake with fleas
But now I got to scratch that itch
And I'll do as I please
I’ve saved up lots of midnight oil
Gonna fiddle and burn down Rome
So let’s go dance the night away
This cow ain’t comin’ home
I’ll shake a leg and break some ice
And untie all of my loose ends
Let the good times roll tonight
No time to make amends


BRIDGE: But once is not enough
If I don’t succeed can I try again
Once is not enough
'Cause I cannot see what’s around the bend
Once is not enough
And I can’t believe it’s the bitter end
Once is not enough
Hey, time out – can I get a do over – please?