Look Out Hollywood.

Ice Cold Pop

You have to pay attention to catch a great actor putting on an act. Jittery, jangly guitars tell the story. Hollywood, you ain't seen nothing yet. She left me and was last seen heading your way. Action!


VERSE1: I think that something’s happening
I can read between your lines
Through all the scenes of our life
I thought you acted fine
But your delivery seems wooden
Is that your agent on the phone?
I think there’s been a re-write
And I’m cast out all alone

BUILD: You say that you love me,
Well honey I just don’t know
Don’t take it the wrong way, but what a show

CHORUS: You should win an Academy Award
For the show that you put on
Look out Hollywood
Here comes someone who’s really good
She’s cast as the perfect love for you – until CUT

VERSE2: I believed in the magic of movies
But what we had was all CGI
Your brand of method acting
Means you didn’t really have to try
Our little romantic comedy
Became an art school horror show
The director’s cut’s so depressing
It's a disaster in slow mo



BRIDGE: You didn’t want to star in a flop
But it won’t slow your climb to the top
A new leading man is what you need
So put an ad in Variety

VERSE3: Now you’re tearing down the set walls
And I know it was just a façade
And I’m sure that your acting skills
In some states are outlawed
Well, even before I met you
Had you cast me as the fool?
In your little production
I hope the critics thought it was cool