I Blame James.

Ice Cold Pop

The eventual side effects from watching a lot of Star Trek, Wild Wild West, and 007 at an impressionable age. It's folk rock on an after-school TV sugar high; madly strumming 12-strings in an ode to why late 60s action heros should not be role models.


VERSE1: As a young boy, my dad wasn’t there
But I had a TV, so I didn’t care
And I learned everything that I needed to know
Like how to be a man from my favorite shows

BUILD1: But when I tried to fight
The bad guys would win
And the girls never saw my hero within
Maybe you guys weren’t the best role models for me

CHORUS: James Kirk, James Bond, and James West
You made me who I am today
I wanna kick some ass and get the girl
But it never works out that way

VERSE2: My ego told me I had talent to spare
Thought I had the looks and I sure had the hair
But I didn’t have the gadgets to help save the day
Maybe that’s why I never got my way

BUILD: I never kissed a girl except for my mom
I spend my old age wondering where it all went wrong
Maybe you guys weren’t the best role models for me


BRIDGE: I looked for a job, but nobody’s hiring
A starship captain or a super spy
The secret service, it looks too tiring
And I’m overqualified for a regular guy
You made it look so easy when you saved the world
And did it all, in an hour or two
You won the fistfights, then you got the girl
Is it any wonder that I want to be you?