Ice Cold Pop

Girls, cars, and guitars. Plus organ, piano, and a big crunchy break as per the powerpop blueprint. Win that girl back by promising anything. Just hope she's got a really short memory.


VVERSE1: You know what they say about first impressions
But can’t you give me a second chance, girl

BUILD1: I know it was a rocky start so let’s do it over and start again
‘Cause I just wanna be your boyfriend

CHORUS: Kristine – you know I’ll keep on trying
Kristine – until I get it right
Kristine – and then you’ll know I love you
Kristine – and wanna be with me tonight

VERSE2: Just forget all the things that I said
And I’ll try to forget about what’s his name now

BUILD2: Just remember the future good times and all the fun that we will have
We’ll make today our anniversary


BRIDGE: Ignore your friends, I know they’re wrong ‘cause this just feels so right
Just get in the car, I know a place where I can hold you tight

VERSE3: Kristine, just gimme one more try, girl
You won’t regret it, not like last time
Things will be so good from now on
Just one more chance and I’ll get it right, now