Fake It.

Ice Cold Pop

An insistent dirty riff speaks to the importance of looking good rather than knowing what you're doing. Put on your game face and do the best job you can. Or at least give others the impression that you know what you're doing. But the important thing is looking like you mean it.


VERSE1: He shows up, shows up at the office
Wonders what’s going on
He logs in and he checks his email
So far there’s nothing wrong
Keep your head down, don’t look around
Just act like you belong
Eight more hours and he knows he can make it
Doesn’t know what he’s doing
He’s employee of the year

CHORUS: That’s all right
You fake it and the day goes on

VERSE2: She stays home with the dog and the kids
And she wonders if there’s not more
She waits for him; no anticipation
For his knocking at the door
She nods and she smiles, but she’s known for a while
That life’s become a chore
She counts the hours ‘til he goes to bed,
Thinking about the way it used to be


BRIDGE: Just suit up, and show up
Persistence will win over talent anyday
Just suit up, and show up – and shut up

VERSE3: You ask me if I know what I’m doing
I say that I’m getting by
I don’t know any more than you do
All we can do is try
Just smile a lot, don’t cheat ‘less you have to
Repeat it until you die
I may not know just where I’m going
But as long as I look good, I don’t really care